10 Tips for Taking Product Photos with Your Phone

Even with your new collection of professionally shot photos, you may want to promote your products by adding some of your own fun photos to Instagram, Facebook, etc. You should keep these tips in mind when taking photos with your phone to share on social media.

  1. Show a couple of different angles. Maybe the professional photos you’re using for advertising only show the basic front and side.  Tilt the product, spin it around, lay it on it’s side. Give your audience a sneak peak at what they haven’t seen in the main photos and ignite their curiosity! 
  2. Play with the light. Don’t just take one photo, upload, and call it a day. Move around a bit and take a couple of shots. Shine the light on one side, above, below. Chances are you’ll take a few duds before you find the right lighting.  
  3. Use natural light when possible. The sun is a beautiful light source. It can make the image really stand out with a crisp appearance without any effects from a flash. You want the lighting to be bright and the product to be super visible.
  4. Add your own creative touch. You don’t need to be a professional to show the world your creative side. Photos on social media don’t always need to look super professional.  Give them some realness. 
  5. Easy with the filters. Why? Customers want to see the real product.  Don’t let your customers wonder or question the true appearance of your product. Just keep it real and you’ll have a better shot at gaining your viewers trust.
  6. Background matters! When you’re taking the picture, just take a minute to verify that the the background looks inviting. It’s easy to forget what’s going on in the background when the subject looks so good.  I really like outdoor and nature filled backgrounds because I feel that it gives the viewer a feeling of fun and adventure. 
  7. Make it natural & relatable. Selling winter scarves? Take a picture of a model with hot chocolate. Make it inviting. Think about where  you would be using this product and take a picture there. Your viewers will get an idea of how the product would look in their lives.
  8. Don’t forget to clean the lens on your phone! Even the pros have been guilty of this one. You take a photo and it looks blurry..hmm..why won’t it focus!? DOH. There’s a big finger print on the lens.  The safest way to clean your lens on your phone is with a microfiber cloth. Please remember do not use cleaning wipes designed for household use, this can damage the finish on your phone.
  9. Don’t shoot a dirty product! Carry some wipes with you incase you need to clean your product. You don’t want take an awesome photo only to later realize your beautiful product now has a fingerprint pattern or clump of mud stuck to it. Avoid the hassle of trying to Photoshop it and just bring some wipes.